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Mughal engineers gifted exemplary water supply system to Burhanpur town which is still actively used in town. They made 8 water-supply system which provides sufficient water inflow for town in past. They are counted among some highly appreciated engineering works done during Mughal dynasty in India. Most of the work done during rule of Mughal emperors Shahjahan & Aurangzeb. Their are number of underground water flow channels in Satpura hills that avails water to Tapti river. Mughal engineers controlled those water channels at 3 points to develop water-reservoirs which are known by the names “Mool Bhandara”, “Sukha Bhandara” and “Chintaharan Bhandara”. They are located in north of Burhanpur town and are at a height of approx. 100 feet from town land.

Source: https://burhanpur.nic.in/

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